Android Bride – A Short About Monstrous Love [VIDEO]

Android Bride is a short film that is a part of the horror webseries The Dead Hour. Keen audiences will instantly draw comparisons to Frankenstein, The Stepford Wives, and maybe even to John Hughes’ Weird Science. OK, the Weird Science comparison might be a bit of stretch since Android Bride is a sci-fi horror thriller, but the parallel is still there, sans comedy — even if the “I love you” exchanges tend to elicit a chuckle or two.

The Frankenstein comparison, however, is definitely an accurate one. Since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein entered the public domain about a year ago, we’ve since a flood of adaptations. The most recent might be what we’ve seen in Penny Dreadful. While the story there holds fast to the core of Frankenstein, the show has taken quite a bit of liberties with the life of Dr. Victor Frankenstein outside of his monster creation. But, the monster himself is very different than what would be expected.

All this to say that the free rein with the Frankenstein story is refreshing (although Frankenstein’s Army kinda sucked), as it is here with the Daniel B. Iske directed/Scott Coleman written Android Bride. The short tells a horrific love story about one man’s obsession for finding true love that will take him to the darkest of depths. After watching, I think you’ll agree that our self-conscious and bashful lead madman has been jilted in love. It’s just unfortunate that he has so much smarts to do what he does.

Android Bride stars Konrad Case, Illa Ridder, Tara Hinson and Melissa Holder as DJ Raven.

About The Dead Hour:

The Dead Hour is an online indie horror anthology series now in its third season. The show centers around a mysterious and sexy radio DJ who brings her audience dark and twisted stories each week. All webisodes from seasons 1 & 2 of the critically acclaimed series can be seen for free on the official website.

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Watch Android Bride in the player above and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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