Warner & Legendary Eyeing A 2018 Release For Godzilla Sequel

Godzilla 2018

Since August, the Godzilla reboot banked in over 500 million dollars worldwide. The franchise has done extremely well in terms of sales and will continue to do so after the first entry in a trilogy drops on Blu-ray/DVD later next month.

Prior to the box office numbers for Godzilla, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures already had plans to pursue a sequel to the epic monster movie because they knew it was going to be a mega hit. They attached Gareth Edwards to direct the project again, who at the moment is the only confirmed member of the cast and crew. Edwards is expected to start working on the sequel right after he completes his duties on a Star War spinoff slated for 2016.

As far as plot details go, all we know for sure is that the sequel will feature three creatures from previous Godzilla movies. During Comic-Con, it was revealed that Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah are all confirmed to make an appearance in Godzilla 2.

Lastly, the news you came here to get. Godzilla 2 will be unleashed on June 8th, 2018.

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