First Gameplay Trailer Revealed For Dead Island 2

Gamescon kicks off midweek to celebrate the next generation of gaming. Developers will be showcasing tons of new demos, which will include never-before-seen gameplay footage from games scheduled for release sometime this year, or the next. Some games that will be showcased aren’t necessarily in “playable” form, but we know for sure that Dead Island 2 is far into development now with the very first hands-on showcase to be presented at Gamescon.

During the annual event in Cologne, Germany, Deep Silver has big plans to give Dead Island fans a good taste at what the gameplay will be like in the sequel. Just to tease, they have released the first gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2, which reveals the sequel has received a major upgrade in the graphics from the first game and killing zombies will be even more entertaining than before.

The trailer for Dead Island 2 also confirms it will be ready sometime in spring 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Windows PC.

Check it out!

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