Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – 1080p Visuals And 24 DLC Packs

Rumors turned out to be true again, Square Enix officially announced Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, a complete remastered version of Sleeping Dogs for next-gen gaming that will run at 1080p with updated visuals, improved gameplay, upgraded sound, and best of all, will include 24 DLC packs.

Sleeping Dogs originally dropped in 2012 and quickly earned the title “action game of the year” because it was packed with everything. It had a Assassin’s Creed-style parkour movement, amazing melee combat system nicked from Batman: Arkham City, slow-motion shooting similar to the Max Payne series, and a Just Cause 2-esque vehicular combat. The flaws in the game were minimal and gave very little to complain about.

Now, Square Enix believes the latest hardware will help bring a “shinier and grimier” Hong Kong experience in Sleeping Dogs. Something the game was initially intended to do before.

The capabilities of today’s hardware have truly brought the vibrant Hong Kong experience to life.

It wasn’t confirmed yet if the Xbox One or PS4 will be capable of running the game in 1080p. Square Enix did not reveal any images and actual gameplay footage of the remastered version in the announcement trailer above.

It’s just a live action teaser that we have all seen before, only recut for the reveal.

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