Tomb Raider Sequel In Development, Says Square Enix

Tomb Raider Sequel

Tomb Raider Sequel

Tomb Raider fan boys, or fan girls, should be thrilled to hear that Crystal Dynamics might be the ones developing a sequel to the reboot, which launched earlier this year. Square Enix confirmed it’s coming, but on next-gen consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, it was not mentioned who will develop it or if the game will launch on current consoles.

CEO of Square Enix Europe Phil Rogers stated in writing the following message:

“I am also excited to reveal that we are well into development on a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel –something you may have heard about recently.”

“In the future, we’ll offer gamers more choice, support more platforms, and try new things — but we will make sure that whatever the platform, we’ll always keep our focus on raising the quality bar. We feel that is what gamers should expect from a Square Enix game.”

Gamespot was the first to report the news, and I think we can expect the Tomb Raider sequel to be released next year.

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