Twitching Tongues – World War Live (2014) Review

Twitching Tongues - 2014

Twitching Tongues – 2014

It is common for fans of heavier music to say, “They are much better live.” I can name a handful of bands that bring much more to their live show than what can be maintained in a recording studio. This is normal because when a band plays live they force out their best songs from all of their albums, and bring along an enjoyable experience with a frantic performance. Twitching Tongues is definitely a name that comes to my mind when thinking of great live shows and this is why they recorded an entire set and made it a CD, vinyl, and digital download. It is now accessible to hear the raw sound of their set on their new release, World War Live.

Do me a favor. Find the studio version of song “Eyes Adjust,” from their latest full length LP, In Love There Is No Law, and blast it as loud as you can. Take a listen to the same track on World War Live and you will find out that they are similar in sound, aggression, and vocal pitch. That’s right, Twitching Tongues is one of those bands where their singer does not sound exhausted or short on his voice live. Even on the incredibly quick monologued “In Love There Is No Law,” Colin Young nails every note. This has been a problem for other live albums from hardcore bands, but vocals do not fall short on World War Live.

The production and mixing also holds together well. “Sleep” is a song that changes pace sporadically multiple times during its course. From chaotic double drum pounds to doom grooves and to thrash riffs, never is one instrument overpowering the rest. One thing I wish I could hear was more of the crowd during the actual songs. Although present in some parts, the crowd is mainly heard before a song plays or a few times in chants. The setlist is also another thing to get excited over, featuring six songs from In Love There Is No Law and the most brutal songs from before that record as well.

Twitching Tongues, World War Live will be released on August 12th. Pre-orders can be made at:

Verdit: 4/5 Skulls

World War Live is a solid live album, showcasing how talented Twitching Tongues really is. Even if you find yourself stumbling upon this band having never heard any of their material, this live album brings out their best songs in their most raw form.

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