New Music: Bloodtruth Wants Your Obedience

Fusing Gregorian chant with ‘90s-era death metal, Bloodtruth is just about ready to launch their debut full-length album, Obedience, on September 16th.

The Italian quartet was formed in 2009 by Francesco Paoli and Paolo Rossi. The two Fleshgod Apocalypse members intended Bloodtruth to be a side project, and have since added vocalist Luigi Valenti, guitarist Stefano Rossi Ciucci, bassist Riccardo Rogari, and drummer Giacomo Torti. After releasing a two-track promo in 2012, Bloodtruth clearly made enough of an impact to warrant a full-length release and a signing to Unique Leader Records.

bloodtruth obedience album cover

Have a listen to the Obedience album teaser in the video player above. Once you do, you’ll understand that Bloodtruth means business. Outside of the Gregorian chant at the top, what I’m hearing is a lot of Cannibal Corpse, which definitely speaks to the ‘90s-era death that they’re being promoted as.

Obedience Track Listing:

1. Subvenite (Intro)
2. Surrounded By Blind Bigots
3. Throes Of Death
4. Suppurating Of Deception
5. Coerced To Serve
6. Quench Your Thirst
7. Summoning The Heretics
8. Foresworn
9. March Of The Fools
10. Obedience

Rock Hard \m/

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