Septic Man (2013), Grossest Movie Since Street Trash? [VIDEO]

Septic ManWe all know the effect of the holy viper drink in Street Trash can cause a body to melt away in hideous fashion into a cesspool of blue ooze, which pretty much turned my stomach inside out every time I saw it take shape in the movie, and I now have permanent nasty memoires because of it in my head. So, Street Trash remains for me as one of the grossest movies ever made, and nothing else even comes close to it until now.

Septic Man is the newest form of grossness directed by a Canadian filmmaker named Jesse Thomas Cook (Monster Brawl), I have a feeling his movie is going to have the same damn effect on me as Street Trash. If not worse. The name of the movie alone should be enough to gross you out, but once you see the images in the trailer, I guarantee you’ll vomit twice in your mouth. Ok, maybe not to that extent, but have a vomit bag ready just in case.

If you like this sort of the thing, then get ready for Septic Man on August 12 via digital download and On Demand. You can also catch it in theaters on August 15, however, it’s on a limited run.

About Septic Man

From the Writer of Pontypool and the Creators of Monster Brawl and Exit Humanity, comes a shocking new horror film. An erstwhile plumber undergoes a hideous transformation when trapped inside a septic tank and tormented by the bizarre residents of his town’s sewage treatment plant.

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