Exodus Says Goodbye To Rob Dukes

exodus - rob dukes

exodus - rob dukes

Exodus, one of heavy metal’s preeminent thrash acts. Formed in 1980, and with 9 studio albums under their belt, the band came up in the business as one of the thrash metal pioneers. Further more, because Kirk Hammett was a member, Exodus would forever and always be linked to Metallica.

That aside, the band has had its share of lineup changes, the latest of which is the one that sees Rob Dukes moving on. As a result, Exodus is once again welcoming Steve Souza back into the fold. This will mark Souza’s third stint as the band’s frontman, as he held the position from 1986-1993 and 2002-2004.

Exodus’ guitarist Gary Holt has stated:

As a band, we all had to make a very difficult choice to part ways with Rob Dukes. We have nothing but love and admiration for him and the deepest gratitude for the hard work he has put in and the great work on some killer records. But at this time, Tom, Lee, Jack, and myself thought a change was necessary and the unanimous choice going forward was to welcome back Steve Souza to the fold!

Souza has also made a statement:

I spent a great part of my life with Exodus, that blood flows through me, even not being in the band for the past 10 years, you can’t erase that chemistry. I’m very excited!

We’ll keep you posted as more Exodus news is revealed.

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