Top 7 2014 Video Games Delayed To 2015

E3 2014 is just around the corner, and I mean really just around the corner. The three-day annual video game convention that showcases some of the best games from around the world starts this Tuesday, at the Los Angeles Convention center. In the next few days expect to see lots of new trailers for upcoming games like Mirror’s Edge 2, Fallout 4, Evolve, Mass Effect 4, and many more. There’s going to be an abundance of reveals that only GameSpot or IGN can cover in depth, but we here at Yell! Magazine plan to trim that shit down and cover only the best for our core readers.

Since E3 is on the horizon, lots of games will be unveiled for the 2014 Holiday season. But what about the other awesome games that were previously promised to us for this year? Sure, they’ll be talked about during the convention, however, we won’t be able to get our hands on them until 2015.

Shockingly, there’s quite a few of them and to find out which high-profile games have been delayed, you’ll just have to continue reading right below.

No.7 Quantum Break

Unfortunately, Quantum Break won’t see the light at the end of the tunnel this year. Don’t even expect to see it at E3 this week because Remedy has plans to showcase it at Gameccon in August. It’s sad news, but we need to deal with that fact because this Xbox One-exclusive title is going to take time to develop. Quantum Break is a third-person action game that will feature time-bending powers and a live TV show. Expect to see it on store shelves next year.

No.6 The Order: 1886

To this day, not much is known about The Order 1886, other than it’s a third-person adventure and set in Victorian London. Sony attempted to showcase it in February, but the game still remains a mystery to everyone, including GameSpot. I’m sure something new will be revealed about the game this week during E3 because it’s time that Sony gives more to gamers. If you’re having any doubts, Sony is no doubt “pushing on,” and it will deliver the promised next-gen experience, but only in 2015.

No.5 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The hotly anticipated, open-world RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is another game that CD Projekt RED promised to release this fall, but because they wanted to reach a high-quality standard that gamers are expecting from them, the game has been rescheduled to February 2015. Don’t be surprised if The Witcher 3 gets pushed back again.

No.4 Mad Max

Since George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road has been delayed by more than 18 months and the film underwent numerous reshoots in November 2013, it only makes sense that the video game should get the same delayed treatment. At this moment, nobody really knows why Warner Bros. decided to move the release date for the Mad Max video game to 2015, but my only hunch is that it can be released around the same time as the film. Does that make any sense?

No.3 The Division

Did you really think The Division wasn’t going to be on this list? Shame on you. Even one of the developers at Ubisoft said the 2014 release date was “laughable.” There’s no official reason why the game has been delayed to 2015, but I’m sensing that the “level of realism” that Ubisoft is aiming for is taking a toll on the development team. Anyone see any job openings lately?

No.2 Batman: Arkham Knight

I don’t have to say much about Batman: Arkham Knight because I’m sure most of you played all of the previous installments before and already know it’s a killer franchise. But according to Rocksteady, the developer wants to nail the game down 100% this time. So, expect Arkham Knight to be the best damn sequel in the series yet. Arkham Knight was scheduled for the fall, but the release is now delayed to some time in 2015.

No.1 Dying Light

Dying Light is an evolution of Dead Island, which features new free-running mechanics that helps you evade and kill hordes of zombies. Techland, the developer behind Dying Light, wants to continue to improve the free-running mechanics, therefore, they have decided to release the game in February 2015.

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