Relax With A Cold Beer And A Joint: Check Out Our Down Interview With Jimmy Bower

Did you watch Phil get up there and play “Becoming” with BLS?
Yeah, I sat in the back and watched it. It was awesome, dude. It really sounded good, it was tight, and I’m proud of Phil that he would get up and do that.

You’ve got some summer fests coming up — Bloodstock, Summer Breeze — are there any that you’re especially excited for?
I think we’re playing one in Spain that we played before and had a really good time there and I’m looking forward to going back. I think it’s Viveiro [Resurrection Festival]. I’m looking forward to Bloodstock too. From what I understand it’s pretty cool.

What’s the best part about touring?
Playing music, man (laughs)

What’s the hardest part?
Being away from my family. At least technology is on our side with that, I mean with Skype and stuff like that, that makes it not so bad.

Down has a strong and loyal fan base, which is great, but do you ever wonder what it could have been if it was everyone’s primary focus/band?
Well Down is our primary focus! We don’t look at it that, man, we take the attitude that we play music. That’s the cool thing about the band, everybody is cool about everybody playing music. That’s what we do. I find you can learn a lot by playing with other people and you can bring it back. That’s the way I learned how to play music, through jamming with people and watching other people and stuff like that, so I think that works to our advantage.

What did you play first, drums or guitar?
The drums.

Do you have a preference for either?
Nah, I’m not that good on guitar, man. I kind of try to play drums on the guitar, that’s kinda my style. I just enjoy playing both instruments.

Do they touch you in different ways?
One wears me out (laughs). I think it’s the passion you put into the instrument, the energy. The drums keep me in shape, the guitar keeps me in shape, both mentally and physically.

Is there a newer Heavy Metal band you’re digging right now?
I listen to a lot of old country and stuff like that, man. For me that’s my focus and my inspiration. I kind of flip flop, just like anyone else. I’m not saying there aren’t any good new Metal bands out there, it’s just that I’m not really searching that much. That’s a bad thing (laughs).

Do you have a guilty pleasure band that you listen to, something like ABBA and Vanilla Ice?
I like ABBA, man. I grew up on ABBA. To some people, listening to old country isn’t a very Metal thing to do, so I guess that’s my guilty pleasure. If they only knew (laughs).

What’s your firts Heavy Metal memory?
That would be getting into KISS. A friend of mine down the street turned me on to KISS. My mom got me KISS Alive! one and KISS Alive II, dude. I got to see them when I was 12 or 13 years old, on the Creatures of the Night tour.

Outside of music, what are you into that might influence our music?
I grew up doing a lot of fishing, so I really like going fishing and stuff like that. Right now, when
I’m at home, man, it’s all about my daughter and cutting the grass. Being a dad, man.

If you could be a zombie, vampire, werewolf, or Frankenstein monster, what would you be?
Neither (laughs).

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today.
Thank you, man. I really appreciate it. You have a good day, bro.

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