Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Is It Too Much Like Halo?

call of duty Advanced warfare weapons crop

call of duty Advanced warfare weapons crop

Nobody who’s a fan of FPS games ever gets tired of new Call of Duty installments. I don’t, anyway. Tiring of Call of Duty is like a crack addict getting tired of crack.

It’s not really news that Sledgehammer Games is coming at us with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in November, and that it will be set in the future, but the futuristic weapons in Advanced Warfare might be something newsworthy and interesting. Actually, it’s damn interesting because it’s going to feature a 3-D Printer Rifle. Keep in mind that a 3-D printer is not coming packaged with the game and that you won’t be 3-D printing a rifle in your basement. What this is, in the game, is a rifle that 3-D prints ammunition in the chamber. Cool, right?

Gameinformer is also reporting on other weapons and tech that will be featured in Advanced Warfare, such as a Hover Bike, a Plasma-powered Rifle, Tanks and Aircraft, and an Exo Suit. According to Gameinformer, the Exo Suit:

allows players to jump higher, run faster, lift heavy objects, and more. Players can even punch through doors to initiate the dramatic slow-motion breach sequences from previous Call of Duty games. Certain characters can also enter mechanical suits with moving plates of heavy armor that quickly protect them.

All this sound fine and dandy, but if you ask me it sounds like a COD version of Halo! At least in the featured weaponry. Do you agree?

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