How To Become A Master At COD

n first-person shooter games, being good is never enough. When you’re facing off against other players from around the world, you have to be the best. Otherwise, there’s a good chance one of your opponents will be better than you and claim that sweet victory for themselves. 

With games like Call of Duty played by millions, though, how do you boost your skills to the point where you can consider yourself a master? Well, the answer may be as simple as trying one of these five things. 

Play At Every Opportunity 

The more time you put into something, the better you become at it. That’s certainly the case when it comes to video games, with COD players bound to improve their skillset the more time they dedicate to the shooter. 

From improving your aim to visualising map layouts to discovering which weapons work best, there’s a lot you can learn just from playing the game more. Although you shouldn’t let your COD habit interfere with other important areas of your life, there’s no reason you can’t spend a lot of your free time here. If you’re determined to become a Call of Duty master and potentially even move to competing in real tournaments, it’ll be time well spent. 

Stay Mobile And Take The Long Route 

People who camp in games like COD can be frustrating to deal with, but despite what such players might say, this strategy isn’t the best way to win. It’s a lot easier for enemies to find you when you do this, and they won’t rest until they’ve taken you out. 

The smartest thing to do is to stay mobile. As long as you’re alert, you shouldn’t run into trouble – not unintentionally anyway – and will have a better chance of gaining the upper hand. 

It’s also worth practising patience with this, as rushing in can prove to be a big mistake. While many players will often take the quickest route to their opponent in the hopes of defeating them quickly, it’s usually better to go the long way around. That way, you have a good chance of catching people off guard and potentially getting some easier kills. This might be a slower tactic, but it could get you a better streak than if you run in guns blazing. 

Try Some Hacks 

A far quicker way to become a master at COD is to employ some hacks that allow you to play like a true pro. You can click here to know all warzone hacks for Call of Duty: Cold War so you can be one of the best there is without spending hours honing your skills. 

The hacks from IWantCheats come with dozens of features, such as the aimbot, which locates all enemies and lets you take them out in a single hit. Plus, they’re refreshed quickly after every game update, so you don’t have to worry about them being outdated or compromising your version of Cold War. 

Practice With All Weapon Types 

The weapon you use can often dictate whether or not you’re successful in a COD match. They all have the pros and cons, as do the various attachments you can add to them. 

If you want to master this game, it’s definitely worth trying your hand at all weapon types and attachments so that you can use each of them to your advantage. Once you know your way around all of them, you’ll find that their setbacks aren’t such an issue because you’ve developed the skills to counteract them. No matter what you head into battle with, you’ll be able to use everything like a pro and stop the enemies from getting the upper hand. 

As mentioned earlier, this will require a lot of practice, especially if you plan on getting to grips with every single weapon and attachment. However, it’ll be time well spent if it helps you excel in the long run. 

Learn From Skilled Players 

While a lot of COD players might be noobs, there are plenty of skilled players who can proudly claim to be some of the best around. You can learn a lot just from watching how these people play because they’ll employ tactics that you can then replicate. 

The internet isn’t short of YouTubers and Twitch streamers who showcase their talents in videos. However, you don’t always have to resort to this method if you’d rather spend your time playing. Instead, keep an eye out for people who have hit the max level and watch what they do. It’s an excellent way to learn on the go – if you can avoid being killed – and will allow you to put these new skills into practice immediately. 

Unless you’re using hacks, you can’t become a master at COD overnight. However, even if it takes a while to become the best, the rewards can be incredibly satisfying when you put in the effort. 

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