Surprise! Rob Zombie Is Back To Horror With “31”

Rob Zombie - 31 Horror FilmThe second half of his Halloween remake is probably the closest thing that audiences will ever get to Rob Zombie meeting them halfway when it comes to delivering his own vision and trying to please the public. And that’s why I love Rob Zombie’s films unabashedly. He does not care at all about what I want. If I like something in his movies, it’s because he just happened to enjoy the same thing. I can respect that dedication to what some might call career suicide.

As the little montage before, well, a single image, shows us, Rob Zombie has spent six movies trying to pee into the mouth of anyone who wants him to do things differently. I like all of them to a certain degree, with the exception of The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, Rob Zombie’s animated enema that he unforgivingly crammed into the people who expected a funny comedy. Not much is known about 31, as it’s mainly just a picture of a dirty face in clown make-up right now, but then again, anything that I’d like a movie called 31, that’s being directed by Zombie, to be, it probably isn’t that.

And that’s wonderful.

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