Firestarter TV Series In The Works

The Shop

Good news, folks! TNT has big plans to continue the story of Stephen King’s 1980 novel, Firestarter, and the 1984 film adaptation of the same name in a wholly new TV series titled The Shop.

Charlie McGee will be back, but she will be much older since the series takes place 20 years after the horrible events that went down with “The Shop.” Remember? She put some of those top secret dudes to ashes with her powers? But now it seems like the government-run agency has many more recruits under its wing and wants to continue terrorizing poor ol’ Charlie, and others like her. However, former “Shop” member Henry Talbot is going to step in and hopefully help her destroy them.

Because The Shop is still in its very early development phase at TNT, casting news hasn’t been announced, but it and other details should start rolling out in the very near future.

So, we’ll continue to keep you guys updated here on Yell! Magazine.

About The Shop

Titled The Shop, this supernatural thriller centers on the titular organization that once exploited the pyrokinetic abilities of a young girl named Charlie McGee. Twenty years after bringing The Shop to its knees, Charlie has been tracked down by one of its former members, Henry Talbot, who reveals that The Shop is alive and badder than ever, unleashing terrifying new entities into the world. It’s now up to Talbot, Charlie, and others like her to find The Shop and destroy it for good.

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