Phantasmagoria: Watch The First Teaser Trailer, But Don’t Fall In [VIDEO]

Leading up to its showing at Cannes, the Italian horror anthology, Phantasmagoria, has led us all into a terrifying darkness with the first teaser trailer (seen above).

The anthology delivers three short films, Diabolique, A Snake with a Steel Tongue, and My Gift to You, that promise to give you old-school scares. Judging from the teaser, the scares definitely take us to familiar places, the places in our minds that tell the hairs on our necks to stand up and us to be very afraid.

The three shorts — directed by Mickael Abbate, Domiziano Christopharo, and Tiziano Martella — are to include many of our favorite genre elements and themes, such as the supernatural, thriller, horror comedy, zombies, and slasher.

Phantasmagoria stars Venantino Venantini (City of the Living Dead), Maya Dolan, and Sophie Pâris. The anthology is headed to Cannes this month, and is scheduled for a limited theater run in France and Italy starting on October 31st.

What do you think of the teaser clip?

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