Bates Motel, Season 2 Finale – “The Immutable Truth”

bates motel season 2 finale - the immutable truth

And so it ends, with Norman’s dead, cold eyes staring into the camera.

As suspected, last week’s episode, “The Box,’ was the adrenaline rush and this week’s, “The Immutabe Truth,” was the season’s denouement. In no way is this a bad thing, in fact, it serves as the perfect ending to a difficult season. Nonetheless, the writers have done a marvelous job of writing characters and a story in which the fate of the protagonist is predetermined, through a series of wrong and/or poor decisions.

And after two years, it looks like we’re finally going to get the Norman Bates we’ve all been dying to have.

When we speak of characters making wrong or poor decision, we’re mostly talking about the erratic Norma. But when you consider the trauma she experienced as a child and teen, and combine that with her adult realization of having a child with multiple personalities, we can see and understand her motives. We can understand why she first tries to control things with love and affection, and when that fails why she turns to anger and her iron fist.

From how she tries to control Norman, and has successfully till this point, we can safely assume that she’s dealt with problems by ignoring them or running away from them. The biggest example of this was her rationale for moving to White Pine Bay in the first place, which was to get a fresh start after Norman killed his father.

A couple other examples, in this episode in fact, happened as soon as Norman awoke in the hospital; he was eager to tell Norma of his “awakening,” but she quickly silenced him, telling him that they were just dreams. And again, seemingly more concerned with the pot roast getting cold, she angrily silences Norman at dinner as he opens up to her.

Oddly, she’s unable to allow Norman to run away permanently, stopping him in the woods before he could 86 himself. But no matter how bat-shit crazy Norma may come off, she is still a loving mother, and no loving mother would allow her child to kill himself. Her desire for Norman to bury his darkness is unwavering, but even she has her limits.

Of course, this scene in the woods concluded with yet another uncomfortable and inappropriate gesture of affection, which was this episodes second. The first happened when Norman, saying his good-bye so to speak, invited Norma to dance in their living room. Things got a little close and a little too romantic. In the woods, just before Norman concedes victory, Norma all out tells her son that they’re meant to be together, as if she were losing a lover, and plants a big ol’ kiss on him (seriously, I thought there was going to be tongue).

Those of you who expressed concern about Norman’s awakening to his dark self adversely affecting his polygraph test were surely awe struck by the stroke of genius on the writers’ part to allow Norman to access his mother any time he wants. Her always being there for him certainly played to his advantage, providing him with the certainty that he did not kill Miss Watson, that it was his inner Norma.

bates motel season 2 finale - an immutable truth - norman polygraph

Other subplots were also handled in the Season 2 finale, such as putting a final end to the two drug families in town. Romero, badass that he is, had a role in ending it, and with the wisdom of knowing that the drug situation won’t just disappear, he nominates Dylan as the new kingpin. Romero’s reasoning is simple; Dylan understands the rules that are needed to keep the town cohabitable for its citizens and the drug business.

Also, prior to the scene in the woods with Norma and Norman, and prior to the polygraph, Norma meets with Dylan and asks him to run away with Norman. At the end of the conversation Norma tells Dylan how much she loves him and how she wouldn’t do anything different because of how wonderful he is. At first, we’re thinking its just one of her ploys to manipulate him, but during their hug, the expression on her face was one of great sincerity.

At any rate, this was a fantastic Season Finale, and for once I’m really excited for the next episode. Too bad it’s a year away.

What are your thoughts on the Finale?

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