Another Look At Rihanna As Marion Crane In Bates Motel Season 5

Rihanna as Marion Crane

Not too long ago it was revealed that Rihanna was set to play as Marion Crane in A&E’s Bate Motel Season 5. A character originally played by Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, who has been in talks to appear in the show for a long time.

According to Bates Motel executive producers and writer Carlton Cuse, many actors were pitched for the role, but Rihanna stood out the most out of all them. Plus, the pop star was already a huge fan of the show.

Cuse said,

We were very concerned about it because we wanted to make sure that we could do our own version of it. Funny, we ran all these things, people pitching actors who looked like [Janet] Leigh. We wanted to define that character in our own way. I read this article in which Rihanna said that she was a fan of Bates Motel. I said to Kerry, “What about Rihanna?” And Kerry was like, “She’ll never do it.” I was like, “She can’t say no unless you ask the question.

The eight-time Grammy Award winner gladly accepted the role to help expand her career as an actor and will check-in as Marion in the fifth and final season of Batel Motel, putting a newly reimagined and contemporary spin on the iconic character. Entertainment Weekly shared exclusive images of Rihanna, which can be viewed right below.

Season 5 premieres on Monday, February 20th at 10:00pm ET on A&E.

Rihanna as Marion Crane

Rihanna as Marion Crane

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