Call For Ozzy Osbourne’s Knighthood

ozzy osbourne knighthood

ozzy osbourne knighthood

There’s a petition out there, started up by Helen Maidiotis, to get Ozzy Osbourne knighted by the Queen of England. Maidiotis started the petition back in 2012, and the goal is to hit 5,000 signatures (at this time only 598 more are needed). If you want to sign the petition, head over to

If the Prince of Darkness is knighted, he’ll be officially known as Sir John Michael Osbourne, MBE, but odds are we’ll all simply call him Sir Ozzy.

And this campaign isn’t some unseen pipe dream, Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne, has seen The Knighthood of Ozz Facebook page and backed it via Twitter, saying, “this really needs to happen.” Also, according to a statement Maidiotis made to Birmingham Mail, “Our campaign has reached Buckingham Palace, as a friend of mine had sent off letters explaining about our battle for Ozzy’s knighthood – and they have replied positively.”

Originally, Maidiotis wanted all of Black Sabbath to be knighted, but “unfortunately, David Spooner (who is in charge of honors in the UK) said that it is highly unlikely the whole band would get a knighthood and that I would have a better chance with a single member of the band. So, I chose Ozzy Osbourne as he is the voice of Sabbath.”

Some might see a knighthood for Ozzy as something ridiculous. And they might have a point. Ozzy has lived a life of debauchery and isn’t the most eloquent of men. Plus, when was the last time he actually lived in the UK? However, the 65-year-old Aston, Birmingham native has served his country by raising its profile, so to speak. He has inspired a generation or two of English men and women to take up music and spread their influence as well. And I’m sure his music has inspired a few British athletes, writers, or artists to simply achieve more. If a dirt-poor kid from Birmingham can do it, so can countless others.

Besides, if the damn Beatles can be knighted, so can Ozzy.

What do you think: Does Ozzy deserve a knighthood? Let us know below.

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