Warning! You Probably Wouldn’t Want To Be Married To Sharon Osbourne

ozzy-sharon-osbourne-drugged 750

ozzy-sharon-osbourne-drugged 750

There are probably many reasons why you wouldn’t want to date Sharon Osbourne, but the leading one at this moment is the fact that she would dose someone with sleeping pills to try to coerce the truth from them. This is exactly what she has done to her husband, Ozzy Osbourne (in case you needed some clarification), to extract the truth about an extramarital affair.

As reported at msn.com, Sharon said:

I was a broken woman. He sent me an email that was meant for one of his women. Then he took his sleeping pills. I put an extra two in his drink … and asked him everything, and everything came out.

Yes, it is understandable that Sharon would want to know the truth and verify her suspicions. But drugging her husband cannot be condoned, and it’s surprising that there isn’t more outrage about this. No matter what the effect is on one’s emotional mind when faced with infidelity, approving of this act is akin to understanding an alcoholic for getting behind the wheel and killing someone because he/she was also out of his/her mind and didn’t know what he/she was doing. Neither can be forgiven.

This behavior and accepting it is appalling and seems to fly in the face of the #metoo movement. By the extreme precedents set by #metoo, Sharon Osbourne’s career should be in the trash; there’s no “he said, she said” crap here, she has reportedly flatout admitted it.

And, if Sharon was going to stand by Ozzy anyway, why would she even drug her husband?

Nobody is going to want to ask me out. Who would ask me out? A big-mouth, older woman? This is as good as it gets and I love him. He’s my husband and I have to take care of him and you just become this woman that takes care of this person and this is my life. This is what I do.

What do you think? Should Sharon Osbourne be punished in some way? Should there be some sort of repercussion on her career?

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