The New, Asian Trailer For Godzilla Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened [VIDEO]

I remember the first time I fell in love. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen at the time, and through every initial awkward interaction with her, I couldn’t help but fall harder. The romance didn’t last forever, but first loves, in all their unconstrained passion and naïve ideals, rarely do. I still think about her sometimes, and I hope she’s okay, because what we had, I wouldn’t replace for the world.

But if you asked me to erase every memory I have of that girl so that I could fill it with new memories of this Godzilla trailer, by God, sign me up for the procedure.

I haven’t been this excited for a movie in years, and to be honest, this trailer changed my entire mindset going into Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla remake. For a while, I thought I’m looking forward to it, but I don’t necessarily need another Godzilla film. I’ve had about thirty of them. I’m sorry for ever forsaking you, Godzilla. Most of the other trailers have played up the new films ominous and foreboding atmosphere, but this is the trailer that says “Yes, it will be dark and gritty like every adventure movie filmed after The Dark Knight has to be, but it’s also going to rock and kick your ass, because you deserve it, Daniel. “To that, I whispered “Hold me closer, Godzilla trailer…”

I don’t want to pass judgment on a film based solely on the trailer. I did that with Watchmen and on every anniversary of that film’s release, the scar still burns. But I will say that, after seeing this trailer, I know I’m going to at least somewhat enjoy Godzilla. To paraphrase one of Ken Watanabe’s lines in the trailer “The arrogance of man is not getting excited from the new Godzilla trailer.”

Godzilla is set to stomp all over your stupid, tiny theaters on May 16th.

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