First Creepy Image From Jessabelle (2014)

jessabelle trailer


The creepy image that our bloody hands got a hold of today may look like a scene straight out of a movie like The Grudge or Martyrs because aesthetically it bears some resemblance.

Can you spot it? Hint: Evil is on the left side.

But this time, evil takes shape in the form of a women in a new supernatural horror film from the mastermind producer of Insidious and Paranormal Activity called Jessabelle. It features an evil female spirit with long dark hair that appears when you least expect it, or sneaks up on people during awkward moments, like during a bath. Definitely nothing fresh here, but if producer Jason Blum thinks that Jessabelle is worthy enough to copycat, then I’ll jump on the bandwagon too. And so far, I’m already creeped the f#$% out!

Jessabelle is written by Robert Ben Garant (Hell Baby) and directed by Kevin Greutert (Saw 3D: The Final Chapter), and is slated for a late summer release. A trailer is expect to drop this Thursday.

About Jessabelle

A young woman recuperating at her father’s run-down home after a tragic accident soon encounters a terrifying presence with a connection to her long-deceased mother.

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