Predator Vs. Call Of Duty: Ghosts [VIDEO]

That’s not exactly what’s going on here (although Predator vs.Call of Duty would make for a pretty cool game), but via its Instagram Activision has teased the active-camouflaged trophy hunter’s appearance. As Michael Myers did before with the field order reward, Predator will make its debut in Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ next DLC, “Devastation,” which is scheduled for an April 3rd release.

There’s speculation as to how Predator will be implemented into the new map, which will most likely be revealed on release day. Currently, however, guesses include a new field order (which would mean two field orders on one map), a new mode, or a killstreak reward.

That trademark Predator clicking sound will be terrifying to hear in game though. Share your thoughts and speculations about the Predator making a COD appearance in the comments section below.

Rock Hard \m/

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