Be Michael Myers In COD: Ghosts DLC

OK, it’s not an entire game dedicated to the John Carpenter classic horror films, but it’ll have to do — and it looks pretty sick. So, included in the new DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts is a map called “Fog.” In it, you’ll play in a horror movie setting with fog, forest, and cabins, plus you have the chance to become the iconic slasher, Michael Myers. According to Joseph Cecot, Multiplayer Designer/Infinity Ward, here’s how:

If you complete a field order, you actually get to become Michael Myers, a very iconic horror film persona. You don the mask, you have an ax, the soundscape changes, everyone knows you’re coming, and you’re just tearing them up.

You can see what Cecot is talking about in the video player above. The soundscape, which features the famous music from the Halloween films, is awesome, but I bet some players will go insane because of it. The video also talks about the sci-fi/horror add-on “Extinction.”

All in all, this looks exciting.

Rock Hard \m/

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