Wanderlei Silva Nearly Walks Away From TUF: Brazil [VIDEO]

The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 is gearing into Episode 4, but the MMA reality show nearly went off track at the start of the season after Wanderlei Silva threatened to walk away if Sonnen didn’t apologize immediately for the things he said about Brazil. Obviously, Sonnen didn’t fold to his threat and refused to apologize since he is ashamed by Silva’s “stupidity”.

Sonnen explained the situation:

He comes and says, ‘The show stops if you don’t apologize for what you said about Brazil’. He did what a real checkers player would do. He would never imagine that I would refuse to apologize. When I refused, all what he could do was give up. He put himself in check, I didn’t do that. The show stopped and was almost over. They had to call Dana White and the producers. I begged him to come back and he didn’t. So he called for a cab and the cab came. One producer had to stop him in the cab and make him come back.

If you watch the preview video above, you’ll quickly see that things got off to a tense start as the coaches began team selections on the third season of TUF Brazil. Check it out!

Sonnen will square off with Silva at UFC Fight Night on May 31st in São Paulo, Brazil.

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