From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series – “Mistress”

from dusk till dawn - big kahuna

In this episode of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, “Mistress,” we got to revisit the hotel scene that we saw in the original film. If you remember the film, this is where the Gecko brothers meet the Fuller family. From this scene, we also got an extrapolation of the food run Seth makes for himself and Richie. Instead of just a mention of going to get food, we get to ride along as Seth goes to a Tarantino classic, Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction.

from dusk till dawn - big kahuna

There were also some scenes in “Mistress” with Richie and Monica, their bank teller hostage. Basically it was more backstory that led to her being killed. Now, a question that i want to raise is, was Richie like this in the film? Remember when Seth walked in on the body lying on the bed and there were brief shots of blood and gore? I’m starting to realize that there could have been these same instincts in Richie in the film as there are in this series.

It was pretty interesting to see Seth meet his ex-wife at Big Kahuna Burger. From this meeting we learn that his ex had actually planned the bank heist and she was pretty jealous that she wasn’t involved in the actual job. The only mention of Seth’s ex-wife in the original film was when George Clooney’s Seth said to Santanico Pandemonium, “No thanks, I already had wife.” Seems that Seth is quite happy that he’s divorced now.

from dusk till dawn - seths ex-wife

There was a nice scene, basically a flashback, in which Carlos visits Seth in prison. Basically, Carlos is trying to get Seth to do some deal for him, which we know is the bank heist.

At the end of the episode, it’s hinted that the Gecko brothers were chosen for a reason… and we’ll just have to watch to find out why.

Also near the end, we see Ranger Gonzalez pointing to a location surrounding the city of El Rey. Earlier in the episode Gonzalez met up with Professor Tanner (Jake Busey) and they talk about the Cartel killings and matters of the occult. What Gonzalez is learning is that the killings are actually related to something much bigger, something he didn’t know anything about.

If you saw the first episode, you might remember that there was a quick teaser about how the demigoddess was created, when she was thrown into the snake pit. Apparently she was so beautiful that the serpent god had to have her, and now she’s basically the head vampire, an ultimate being that is prayed to and her minions do her bidding.

from dusk till dawn - demigoddess

So, what’s the deal with Richie’s weird visions or hallucinations? Well, he’s receiving telepathic messages from the demigoddess. You and I already know it involves vampires, but to keep to the story and terms let’s quote it the right way. He’s basically being told to kill when it matters the most. We also learn that everything is happening for a reason, and it’s for the benefit of this “blood cult.”

What do you think will happen next episode?

We saw more of Carlos and his vampire skills. We saw more of Richie and his weird tendency to hear voices in his head and kill in gruesome ways. And now Seth has an angry ex-wife breathing down his neck. This series is starting to escalate rather nicely and I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s episode.

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