Massacre – A Bloody Horror Short

massacre - horror short with pandie suicide

massacre photo with pandie suicide

It’s well-documented that we here at Yell! Magazine love horror films. We also love following an independent movie project from its early stages; there’s just something special about it. It’s pretty rare, however, to catch wind of something before a trailer or production stills hit the Internet. But that’s just what we’ve done here: we’ve tapped a vein and the blood shall cometh.

What we’ve landed on is Massacre, which the makers are calling “a bloody horror short,” and judging from the synopsis (see below) it sounds like a chainsaw severing limbs at full RPM (i.e., it sounds splat-tastic). It’s also absolutely amazing where this horror short spawned — from the demented mind of Pandie Suicide who calls home the land where J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbiton came to life (New Zealand).

Written by and starring metalhead horror-hound Pandie, Massacre is being directed by Joe Hendrick, who’s directed music videos for the likes of Korn and Marilyn Manson; shorts Women of the Night, Zipperneck-Kid, Skitta Merink, and Worst, and directed the feature-film Ditch Day Massacre. Michel Rangel (Smiley, Instructions Not Included) will produce.

While Massacre is currently in development in Los Angeles, it needs your help (i.e., money). As of today, March 25th, there are 25 days left to make your contribution at Their goal right now is to hit $4,500. Depending on how much you contribute, there are various perks for your taking. Who knows, maybe you could be among the bloody and mutilated massacred!

Massacre Synopsis:

Massacre is a brief and bloody horror flick, centering around Marianne James (played by Pandie Suicide), a girl who wakes up at the site of a very grisly mass murder, and can’t remember what happened.

We’ll keep you posted as Massacre develops, but you can also stalk the filmmakers and film at and on Twitter and Facebook.

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