Bates Motel, Season 2 – “Caleb”

bates motel season 2 - caleb in kitchen

bates motel season 2 - caleb in kitchen

Guess what this episode of Bates Motel was about. Considering the way the last episode, “Shadow of a Doubt,” was left off, and the title of this one, “Caleb,” some attention was definitely given to our new character, Caleb. Another new character that finally got some screen time was Cody, the grocery store cashier. Additionally, the plot’s web gets even more intricate with Norma’s new friend, Christine, which leads to Norma meeting Bailey Watson’s dad, Nick, Nick Ford.

There are a few more important nuances to what’s mentioned above, which we’ll get into right now.

Who Is Caleb?

When Caleb arrived at the motel looking for Norma, Dylan was the only one around and he was expectantly defensive. Who wouldn’t be on the defensive if you worked for a drug syndicate at war with another? When questioned, Caleb introduces himself as Norma’s brother, which she never mentioned to Dylan (she did tell Norman in the Season 1 finale that he raped her). So what’s a nephew to do? Invite him in and wait for mom to come home, that’s what.

When Norma gets home she’s none too thrilled about the surprise in her kitchen and throws Caleb out. When Dylan runs into Caleb in town, they get to talking about family and Dylan is interested in hearing more, and they agree to meet up later. During that meeting, Caleb talks about his and Norma’s father, including the detail that their father was abusive and he never did anything to protect Norma. Caleb also tells Dylan about his opportunity to buy a hotel in Costa Rica and was hoping that Norma would be interested in investing, but it’s Dylan who invests $11 grand.

The introduction of Caleb has a greater significance to Dylan, which is revealed at the episode’s conclusion. As Dylan discusses Caleb with Norma and tells her that Caleb told him about their father and how he was abusive, she interrupts him to say that Caleb raped her. Dylan, however, doesn’t believe her and and argument ensues. When Norman walks in on the two fighting, he attacks Dylan, and Norma, pleading for Norman to stop, blurts out that Caleb is Dylan’s father! Dum, dum, duuum.

bates motel season 2 - dylan

Let’s back up a bit. How did Norman get the upperhand in a fight with Dylan? Remember last season when the two got into it and how Dylan threw Norman around like a ragdoll? This time, as Norman came to his mother’s defense, he was the one who literally threw Dylan. I can only guess that Norman was entering his black-out phase, and that comes with some superhuman strength. It definitely comes without restraint.

Finally, some Cody

We got to know Cody a little bit and she’s a bit of a wild one. She likes to party, since she came to Bradley’s beach memorial (organized by Emma) looking for free beer, and it seems she might be a little loose with the boys. Hopefully she’ll show Norman how to live a little. Although it was clear that she doesn’t have the best relationship with her father, I’m suspecting that she won’t be easily intimidated by Norma and will likely lead Norman into some teenage recklessness. Summer love, right?

Also, through Cody, Norman has had what I’m guessing is his first homosexual experience. As she was making out with some dude with Norman sitting just beside them, this dude puts his hand on Norman’s leg. And the way Norman removed his hand had me laughing. Later, Cody suggests that she thought Norman was gay too and thought that he should get out more.

Norma Meets the “Real” White Pine Bay

bates motel season 2 - christine and norma

Near the top of the episode, Norma learns that she didn’t get a part in the musical, despite her new friend Christine’s attempt to put her in the lead. Christine resigns as the musical’s casting director, blaming town politics, and invites Norma for drinks. Christine seems really excited about Norma and keen on introducing her to the “real” White Pine Bay by inviting her to a house party. At the party, Norma meets Nick, Miss Watson’s dad whom Norman took pictures of at the cemetery and Romero had a talk with. Nick admires Norma for standing up to the town council about the bypass and Norma invites him for coffee, wanting to learn more about the town from him. When he hands her his business card, it’s revealed that his name is Nick Ford. So, he’s possibly the boss of the competing drug syndicate. At anyrate, the plot thickens, as they say, since Dylan works for Nick’s competitor and Norman and Dylan both helped Bailey escape.


Did you notice how Norma behaved a lot like a shy, new student at school? When she tells Norman that she didn’t get a part in the musical she dejectedly says to Norman, “theater is stupid.”

Also, what do you think of Emma’s feelings for Norman being totally disregarded? She really seems like a convenient character on the show and I wish they’d do more with her Nancy Drew tendencies she had going on in Season 1.

Where do you think the show is going to go with Caleb? Will Norman or Dylan kill him?

Rock Hard \m/

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