Al Jourgensen In Rehab, But Is He Serious?

al jourgensen goes to rehab

Ministry‘s Al Jourgensen entered rehab on February 3rd in an effort to kick his addiction to alcohol, but with a blood-alcohol level of 0.33 (that’s four times the legal limit to drive and can be fatal) upon entering the facility, is he really taking it seriously?

It’s a well-known fact that Jourgensen has had a very long relationship with drugs and alcohol, and while he was reportedly able to kick the hard drugs, he’s had a harder time with alcohol. He would have entered rehab sooner, but he wanted to “get shitfaced watching the Super Bowl on the 2nd.” It’s understandable that many addicts want one last hurrah before becoming clean and sober, however, making a public spectacle of it in the social media age is a bit irresponsible. So irresponsible, in fact, that one should question Jourgensen’s sincerity.

While we hope he’s serious and wish him the best, his increasingly indecipherable updates on Super Bowl Sunday were pretty funny. Check them out over at Loudwire.

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