Monte Pittman – Michael Jackson Loved White Zombie! Say What? [INTERVIEW]

monte pittman interview

Monte Pittman‘s third solo album, The Power of Three, hits the streets tomorrow, January 21, 2014, and we had the incredible opportunity to speak to the man for quick interview.

If you don’t yet know who Pittman is, you’re forgiven. But now that you do, you have no excuse for not being a fan. The new album delivers everything a metal fan could want: rippin’ thrash, blistering solos, hard rock vocals, great structure, great sound. It’s just awesome.

As you’ll learn in the interview, Pittman might be best-known as Madonna’s guitarist and, yes, he is the man who taught her Pantera’s “A New Level.” But his guitar mastery far exceeds anything he gets to do while playing for the Queen of Pop. You’ll also learn that the song sequence you hear on the album, which was recorded live in studio, is the sequence in which Pittman recorded it. The Power of Three was also produced by Flemming Rasmussen (he produced Metallica’s early stuff) and mastered by Alan Douches.

Pittman’s circumstance in the music industry is unique, one that led him to even have a meeting about becoming Michael Jackson’s guitarist… and who knew MJ was a White Zombie fan? More than Pittman’s unusual industry experience, you should pay attention to him — he’s the “Dark Horse” of 2014 and he may just bring back the art of shredding.

Enjoy the interview and Rock Hard \m/

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