China Bans Battlefield 4

battlefield 4 china rising

battlefield 4 china rising

The recent release of Battlefield 4‘s downloadable expansion, China Rising, may have spurned the Chinese government to ban EA’s title. However, the ban is unlikely to affect sales since the game isn’t sold in China.

The premise of the expansion continues the battle on Chinese mainland where a Chinese military leader has made the decision to attack American forces as part of an attempted coup. The expansion includes 4 new maps on the Chinese mainland, 10 new assignments, new vehicles, as well as the Air Superiority gametype.

The Wall Street Journal reports that local blogs have cited that the ban comes on the grounds of “national security” and perceived aggression against the Chinese culture. Also, as Gamespot has reported, a Chinese newspaper has accused the game of “discrediting China’s image” and “distorting the truth in an effort to mislead young people.”

Take away what you will from this news, but if video games had this much power, we’d all be plumbers, sporting coveralls, combing our mustaches, and trying to save a princess… wait… cosplay is more popular than ever… maybe China is on to something.

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