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If you listen to the radio, or if you’re half way connected with what the masses are listening to, then you know that Pop Evil is just about the biggest thing to happen to hard rock right now since sliced bread. And despite every music snob bone in my body, I can’t help but find the band’s Number 1 rock single, “Trenches,” to be highly addictive. The thing about it is that it has a great riff, the chorus is infectious, there’s a fantastic groove, and the lyrics are inspiring. The Michigan-based band has put together a sound that’s pretty much everything a good rock song should be.

Considering the groove of “Trenches,” and the fact that it’s so popular, it’s no wonder legendary hip-hop pioneer Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, of Run DMC fame, has gotten involved to give the track a remix. It’s not the first time McDaniels has gotten involved with a rock band. If you remember, back in 1986 Run DMC worked with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on a reworked version of the 1975 Aerosmith hit “Walk This Way.”

Have a listen to the “Trenches” remix right here:

Pop Evil’s frontman, Leigh Kakaty, has commented on the collaboration with McDaniels:

It’s an honor getting to work with Rap Icon Darryl ‘D.M.C.’ McDaniels of RUN DMC on our Remix of #1 Rock Single ‘Trenches. Collaborating with D.M.C. has brought the song to a whole new level, and we are very excited to get it out there to see what the future brings.

If you like what you hear in the remix, a super deluxe version of Onyx featuring the “Trenches” remix is available today, December 17th (available at popevil.com).

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