In Search Of Sun Release “In The Garden” Video

UK-based hard rockers In Search Of Sun have released their new video for “In the Garden,” which is their third video release under iconic record label, Spinefarm Records. The track comes from their 2017 album, Virgin Funk Mother.

Vocalist Adam Leader commented on the track:

There are plenty of leeches in this world that have no other intentions but to suck the life out of you for their own selfish reasons, especially when they choose to not understand the importance of the ones closest to them striving to achieve something creative and worthwhile, which we all know takes years of mental, physical, and financial sacrifice. ‘In the Garden’ is a massive ‘fuck you’ statement to every single self-absorbed individual out there unwilling to let the people closest to them grow and flourish. You, the narcissists are the ones who will wind up alone, because you choose to not have the capacity to unconditionally love others, and instead continue to believe that the whole world revolves around you. You should’ve known better!

Rock Hard \m/

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