What Is Puscifer? Bob Odenkirk Wants To Know


Seriously! What is “Puscifer”? Thank god American comedian/actor Bob Odenkirk asks that very question in the video above. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get an answer, but his approach is great.

So, what is Puscifer’s What Is… ? As we’ve mentioned, What Is… is a mockumentary. Actually, it’s a two-hour sketch comedy show-meets-concert film building upon and punctuating the multimedia format of the band’s live performances with skits from the stable of Puscifer characters, such as Billy D, Hildy and Major Douche woven into the performance footage of the Maynard James Keenan-led quintet.

The What Is… DVD was released on November 26th and can be purchased at Amazon for $14.38.

Puscifer’s concerts have been praised for their out-of-the-box take on what a live performance can be, with the Orange County Register saying “the production… matters as much as the music” and describing the event as “a thought-provoking, senses-jabbing statement on a variety of topics.” The Dallas Morning News called the evening “an idiosyncratic experience” while the Austin Chronicle referred to the concert as a “multimedia prop dramedy.”

Puscifer’s next performance is March 21, 2014, at Mexican festival Cumbre Tajin. The band will also play Keenan’s 50th birthday celebration, Cinquanta, on May 10 and 11, 2014, at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

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