PS4 Controller Compatible With Xbox One Using “CronusMax”


Fact is, the Xbox One is catching up to the PlayStation 4in sales; Microsoft recently confirmed that it has sold more than two million units of the next-gen console worldwide since launch day on November 22, 2013 . If you break down the numbers, it’s an average of 111,111 units sold per day. Still outstanding compared to previous generation consoles. That means there’s plenty of hours spent on the Xbox One. According to Microsoft, gamers have spent over 83 million hours with the games, TV, and apps.

In addition, we also just learned that in the 18-day period since launch, modders have jumped all over the Xbox One. Team Xecuter has released “CronusMax”, a new MOD that allows users to add support for a number of different cross-platform peripherals to the Xbox One, including Sony’s DualShock 4 Controller for the PS4.

Team Xecuter says “CronusMax” isn’t a MOD, and “does not invalidate any warranty in any way.” To add more peripheral support for your Xbox One, just visit the official site and purchase “CronusMax” for $59.95.

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