Phil Anselmo Gets Emotional Recounting Pantera’s Breakup

Phil Anselmo, former Pantera vocalist, is definitely among the greatest metal vocalists of all time. His bassy growl, his banshee screams, and high high-pitched wails, all of it make for some of the angriest and highly emotional vocal deliveries in all of heavy metal. But none of that vocal power can match the emotion transpired in a brief second of the Loudwire interview as Anselmo recounts and mourns the moment he knew Pantera was finished.

Watch the interview segment in the video player above.

Anselmo is absolutely right at the beginning of the segment, we music fans hate the crap that bands put us through when there are problems. Despite the rift between Anselmo and former bandmate Vinnie Paul, I kind of feel like the issue between them is perpetuated by the fans and I think the more we push for a Pantera reunion, the less likely it is that it will happen.

Anselmo is also right when he says that it took all of them to break up the band. It’s like any relationship; it always takes two to tango.

Whether or not Pantera ever gets back together, I’m happy with Anselmo’s post-Pantera career, especially with his solo project.

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