Godsmack’s Sully Erna Stars In A Movie

That’s right, folks, this is something that Sully Erna doesn’t want you to “Keep Away” from. The Godsmack frontman stars as a cop in the lead role of the upcoming movie Army of the Damned, a horror/cop-action flick that looks as good as it looks bad. While it’s his first lead role, Sully has appeared on screen before; he had a deleted scene in Pauly Shore Is Dead, an uncredited part on the Dirt TV series, and a part in the upcoming prison sci-fi thriller short Goliath (January 2014).

The Army of the Damned trailer can be seen in the player above. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Army of the Damned synopsis:

The filming of a hit reality TV show goes horribly wrong when a group of small town cops respond to a call that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, domestic disturbance.

Sully talked about his role to Dread Central last May, stating:

This is my first lead in a movie and it’s cool. It’s an action/horror and there’s some good sarcastic New England humor in it. They put me together with three other cops that play beside me. Everyone has such a different personality and it’s really, really cool how we play off each other.

Sully has also talked about his character:

Bridge, who I play, is a lot more serious and intense and takes things a lot more seriously. He’s watching over the town his father used to be sheriff in. And then we’ve got two other knuckleheads that just come in and never take anything seriously because nothing ever happens in their town. The dynamics are really great.

Army of the Damned also features appearances from a couple of horror icons, Tony Todd (Candyman, Hatchet) and Michael Berryman (Below Zero, The Devil’s Rejects), as well as the odd inclusions of Joey Fatone (‘N Sync) and porn star Jasmin St. Claire.

Army of the Damned comes to VOD on December 3rd and hits DVD on January 14th.

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