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Entrails is a death metal story of unlikely success. Formed in the early ’90s and disbanded before getting started in 1994, a story not unlike Pentagram’s, we have to wonder what could have been produced or how Entrails could have influenced the genre in the years between 1994 and the 2008 reformation. I guess the best we can do is be thankful that founding member guitarist and songwriter Jimmy Lundqvist decided to renovate the old rehearsal studio from the ’90s. Doing so inspired him to revisit the old Entrails material and start recording again:

These walls have some cool memories and bring me in the mood to create, so it was a good decision to renovate that room and make it a studio combined with a rehearsal room. It took me some weeks during the summer to fix the room and of course I had friends helping me until it was done. Finally we have our own studio which will help us a lot in being even more creative.

Long story short, Lundqvist recorded all the instruments himself, while vocal duty went to Jocke Svensson, for Entrails’ first ever demo, Reborn. With positive reviews, Lundqvist repeated the formula for the follow-up demo, Human Decay. by the time 2010 rolled around, Entrails had signed to FDA Rekotz and brought new band members into the fold: Matte Nilsson (guitars), Jocke permanently joined (vocals/bass), and Fredrik Widigs (session drummer). Later that year, Entrails’ first full-length album, Tales From The Morgue, was released.

Great reviews and two albums (The Tomb Awaits – 2011; Raging Death – 2013) later, Entrails is working on a fourth album. As we move forward into a new year, the Swedish death metal machine comments further:

We will work a bit harder to do more shows in 2014, and so far we already have a few confirmed. More to follow soon!

Entrails is death metal on a whole other level, and we can’t wait for the new album.

Entrails on tour in 2014:

22/02/14 DE – München – Feierwerk w/Fleshcrawl, Deserted Fear, Revel In Flesh, Lifeless
28/02/14 UK – London – The Unicorn
01/03/14 UK – Manchester – FOAD Fest @ Sound Control
02/03/14 UK – Oxford – The Wheat Shearf
22/05/14 US – New York – Saint Vitus Bar
23-25/05/14 US – Baltimore – Maryland Deathfest

Rock Hard \m/

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