Puscifer Release “Toma” From Upcoming Mockumentary [VIDEO]

Earlier this year, when Maynard James Keenan said music was coming on all fronts, he wasn’t kidding. Fans might not be getting exactly what they expected, such as full albums of original songs, but they are getting something, and quite a bit of it.

A Perfect Circle just released a greatest-hits collection, Three Sixty, which contains one new song. And on November 26th, APC will release Stone and Echo, a two-hour live album. Also, Tool will be releasing a new album in 2014. Then there’s the November 26th release of Puscifer‘s What Is… Puscifer, a two-hour film that’s part comedy, part mockumentary, and part concert. And don’t forget that this will be quickly followed on November 29th with the limited-edition nine-song red vinyl Puscifer’s 8-Ball Bail Bonds – The Berger Barns Live In Phoenix.

Watch the What Is Puscifer trailer:

Partially meant to accent Puscifer’s use of multimedia during live performances (as seen in the video player at the top), the film also includes various sketches feature such Puscifer characters as Billy D, Hildy, and Major Douche. If the film isn’t your thing, then there will also be a soundtrack available for you to purchase.

what is pusciferOrder What Is… Puscifer via Amazon: Vinyl soundtrack – $23.19 or DVD – $16.18

Maynard James Keenan briefly explained the film:

Being surrounded by so many talented and creative people is an endless source of inspiration. This film only scratches the surface of how deep our proverbial rabbit hole goes. What Is… Puscifer is meant to conjure as many questions as it answers.

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