Tales From The Darkside Will Be A Reinvention

tales fromt he darkside

Tales From The Darkside

Last week we informed you of the possible reboot of the classic 1983 anthology television series, Tales From the Darkside. And today we have some additional news. For starters, it won’t be called Tales From the Darkside, because that would require too much attention for today’s audience.

Joe Hill, who is spearheading the show at this point, said:

The show is just called Darkside. And it really is a reinvention, not a reboot. My feeling is, in the wake of shows like The X-Files and Fringe, the days when you could do a straightforward horror anthology are over.

Further to the anthology point, the show is expected to be based on elements of short stories to drive the plot and story. He also said that while he is writing the pilot, he won’t be kept on as the shows writer should it get picked up. Nothing is official yet, much of it dependent on the success of the pilot, but if all goes well, there’s said to be 11 to 13 episodes and the creators are looking at Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, and C. Robert Cargill as writers.

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