Operation Ghost – Independent Canadian Game Store Robbed Of $75,000 Worth Of Products

Call of Duty Ghosts

Activision’s 10th installment in the COD series, Call of Duty: Ghosts, has surpassed $1 billion in sell-in sales since its official release yesterday. That means there will be a whole lot of excited gamers fragging online in the days to come.

However, that won’t be entirely the case for gamers in one unlucky town in Windsor, Ontario, where they will have to do without the joy of playing Ghosts for the time being because an independent game store was hit hard by criminals over the weekend. Reports are saying that 150 copies of the game was stolen from The Game MD, including other titles and gaming products.

Overall, the Canadian store was slaughtered by the individuals involved in the robbery, getting away with close to $75,000 worth of products, which I call “Operation Ghost.” I’m clever right? Aside from jokes, the offenders broke through the cement wall of the store, breaking the alarm system, and also got away with all the evidence captured by the security camera that was stored on a hard drive, according to owner Roy McLean:

We were going to have a midnight launch for this game and I expected to have 100 to 130 people lined up outside my door, McLean said. They took all the evidence with them. It is heartbreaking. As a sole proprietor, they didn’t steal from a company, they stole from me.

McLean suspects that it’s someone he knows because they knew how to bypass the alarm without triggering it. Apparently, no arrests have been made yet, but we hope someone will come forth with some leads very soon.

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