Fede Alvarez Confirms Sam Raimi Will Direct Army Of Darkness 2

Sam Raimi

Last week, we reported that Bruce Campbell said “yes” to Army of Darkness 2 during a Q&A at the 2013 Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, which was a first ever unofficial announcement on Campbell’s involvement with the sequel.

We also broke news previously that Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan are working on a script, but as to who would helm the picture was never revealed. Fans of the series could have easily assumed that Fede Alvarez would pick up the job since his Evil Dead remake was a box office hit. Unfortunately, the Uruguayan director is being considered to direct a live-action adaptation of EA’s 2010 action game, Dante’s Inferno.

Although, that doesn’t directly confirm anything on him, Alvarez recently revealed on Twitter to a fan that Raimi will direct Army of Darkness 2.

Things could easily turn around quick because it’s still too early in the phase, but I’m not counting on it since it sounds like the sequel is pretty much a go with the original crew of Army of Darkness, including Raimi’s producing partner Robert Tapert from Ghost House Pictures.

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