31 Days of Scares – Day 21 – Top 10: Raw Fights In UFC History

No.5 Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian (UFC 64)

In 2012, Florian was quoted as saying he “could still taste the blood from the Sherk fight.” Kenny Florian has always bled easily in fights, but he was covered head-to-toe in this one… with Sherk’s blood. He split “The Muscle Shark” open off of his back with his patented razor-sharp elbows. Sherk showered Florian with his blood while he laid on top of him for 25 minutes, proving this was a fight in which the winner looked a lot worse than his adversary.

No.4 Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Lytle (UFC 86)

There’s a greater chance every reader on this website will win the lottery before Chris Lytle quits in a fight. Koscheck used his wrestling base quite heavily in this fight, complete with his impressive ground and pound to pummel Lytle for the majority of the fight. Lytle was cut above his eye and was allowed to continue (he almost finished Koscheck late in the fight, too). When it was all said and done, Chris Lytle looked like a mess as he rose up, making his performance one of the most inspiring acts of courage inside the Octagon.

No.3 Joe Stevenson vs. Yves Edwards (UFC 61)


A fight that started off as a back-and-forth brawl, Stevenson eventually gained momentum and found himself on top of Edwards. Stevenson opened up a gruesome cut on Edward’s head that led to the fight being stopped. The doctors at cage side checked Edwards and the blood was literally foaming out of the cut by what seemed like a few gallons. Edwards had blood pouring down his chest, which made him look like the most badass loser of a fight in the history of combat sports. My guess is he would have no doubt continued.

No.2 Jay Hieron vs. Jonathan Goulet (UFC Fight Night 2)

Known notoriously as the fight Dana White “doesn’t like to show,” this fight was pretty disgusting to watch and it was on free television. Goulet was getting served most of the fight until the second round when the Victoriaville native sliced Hieron’s forehead with a beautiful knee and immediately the blood flowed right out of Hieron’s dome. Hieron eventually took Goulet down and rinsed him with an immense amount of blood. There’s no question Hieron couldn’t see and Goulet couldn’t do much with the blood showering down his face and chest. Hieron’s blood was not thin either… it looked like your grandmother’s favorite tomato sauce. The fight was eventually stopped with Goulet’s hand raised via doctor stoppage.

“This is the bloodiest fight I have ever seen” – Joe Rogan

No.1 BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson (UFC 80)

Joe Stevenson was a legit contender for BJ Penn’s UFC Lightweight title. When this fight was over, BJ made him look like anything but that. Wearing the crimson mask, Stevenson had blood pouring by the gallon all over the canvas. After BJ escaped Stevenson’s guard, he gained leverage on “Joe Daddy” and landed a grazing elbow that made the blood piss out of the cut. One of the most iconic MMA pictures of all-time, BJ locked Stevenson in a rear-naked choke; when Stevenson looked up in defeat and tears, his face was nearly unrecognizable. .

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31 Days of Scares

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