31 Days Of Scares – Day 13 – 8 Heavy Metal Halloween Costumes


OK, so you’re a metalhead and you love horror movies, but how do you combine your two passions for Halloween? To put it simply, you dress up as one of your favorite rock stars. But you can’t just dress up like any dude in a band. You have to pick someone with character. Someone whose image is a brand. It’s as important a decision to make as choosing between cannibalism or vegetarianism.

So, without further ado, I have included some Heavy Metal Halloween Costume ideas for you below. If you use some of the story lines behind the following bands/musicians, I believe you could have a very kick-ass Halloween costume idea this year. You don’t even have to copy each costume to the detail, you can just use them as inspiration to create your own based on your personality. Just remember to stay away from windowless vans and guys with mustaches.

No.8 Lordi

Lordi dresses up as their favorite horror movie characters and play rock ‘n’ roll music. They feel that it is an insult to have their pictures published without their costumes on, which are designed by singer, songwriter, and founding member, Mr. Lordi. This five piece hard rock/heavy metal band comes to us from Finland and has gained popularity since their formation in 1996. I would find it to be an insult to NOT have my picture taken in these awesome Heavy Metal Halloween Costumes.

No.7 Mushroomhead

This alternative metal band’s music can be described as a mix of alternative, heavy metal, and electro-industrial music all wrapped up in a nice little package. There are eight members to this band. Through the years, the eight members (not always consistent) of Mushroomhead have changed their masks to suit their personalities. For Halloween, you could either emulate your favorite Mushroomhead mask or create your own — if you can figure out your demented personality in time.

No.6 Gorgoroth

Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth allegedly got its start in 1992 after the only remaining original member and guitarist, Infernus, made a deal with the devil. The band’s history is steeped in Satanism, and at a 2004 concert in Poland, the band put sheep heads on stakes, had four naked models crucified on stage, and featured 80 liters of sheep’s blood. I don’t recommend walking around with a bucket of sheep’s blood, but dressing up as a black metal band with corpse paint would definitely scare the locals.

No.5 Buckethead

Buckethead is a musician and songwriter, who have released 27 solo albums. He has been a part of over 50 albums, and perhaps gained much of his recognition while with Guns N’ Roses. He will play anything from bluegrass to thrash metal, and he’s skilled in a variety of instruments, but he’s recognized for his avant-garde guitar playing the most. He claims to have been raised by chickens, which is the reason why he wears the bucket on his head. He wants everyone to be aware of the chicken holocaust happening in restaurants everywhere. Being Buckethead is such a simple Heavy Metal Halloween Costume to put together, all you need is an emotionless white mask (creepy on its own) and a KFC bucket to put on your head.

No.4 Gwar

A thrash metal band that has obscene and raunchy lyrics with graphic stage performances to match. They claim to have come from outer space to rule this planet. Too powerful for the universe, they’re now intent on taking over the most insignificant planet in the galaxy, Earth. GWAR costumes are pretty elaborate, so if you and your friends want to be this interstellar band for Halloween this year, you better get going. Being this obnoxious might very well be the best way to terrorize your neighborhood.

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