Death Ray Vision – Raise Another Pint, “Barfly” [VIDEO]

Death Ray Vision has just released a new video for the killer track “Barfly,” which comes off their debut album We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’, released on September 10. The band — comprised of Mike D from Killswitch Engage, Brian Fair from Shadows Fall, Pete Cortese (ex-Overcast), Zack Wells (Razors in the Night), and Colin Conway (ex-Cannae) — has no problem showcasing their thrash metal roots and combining them with old-school hardcore sensibilities on this track, or on the rest of the album for that matter. In actuality, “Barfly” sounds reminiscent of an early era Anthrax, only without the guitar solos.

In my opinion, Death Ray Vision is the type of band both metal heads and punkers can get behind with equal enthusiasm.

The “Barfly” video was directed by Anthony Jarvis and produced by McFarland & Pecci. Yes, it’s a boring “look at me, ma, I’m playing in a real band” video. Needless to say, I’m not digging the “performance” video.

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Rock Hard \m/

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