PC Specs Leaked For Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

New gameplay footage from Ubisoft’s upcoming title Watch Dogs was shown during the Tokyo Game Show 2013 that gave fans another in-depth look at some of the main features within the game’s story mode. In my opinion, stealth mission never looked better, so the game got me thinking about system requirements since a PC version is also in the works.

With my luck these days, I came across a message board that archived the PC specs for Watch Dogs after they were leaked on Ubisoft’s online store yesterday. And it definitely has the attention of some PC gamers because the recommended specs are so f*cking high. I’m a little surprised myself here since PC is the lead platform for the game. It looks like Ubisoft really did design the game to go “beyond the limits of today’s open world games”, creative director Jonathan Morin previously noted.

So say goodbye to Quad-core machines …and say hello to next-gen gaming with Eight-core. Enjoy the specs boys!

Minimum Specs

– Quad-core CPU
– 4GB of system RAM
– DirectX 11 Video card with 1GB RAM

Recommended specs

– Eight-core CPU
– 8GB of system RAM
– DirectX 11 Video card with 2GB RAM

Ultra Specs

– Intel Core i7-3930K or AMD FX-9370 processor.
– 8GB of system RAM
– Nvidia GTX 670 or Radeon HD 7970 Video Card

Additional requirements:
* 64-bit OS requirement
* 20GB of hard drive space

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