Quote Of The Day: The State Of Heavy Metal

matt heafy

The state of metal in 2013: It’s in a great place and it’s also in a bad place. I think there is so much… manufactured nonsense out there. …When I think of hardcore, when I think of metal, and things that I love, bands that I love from those genres, in my head I know what they should sound like. And I can see all these bands copycatting off of each other’s copycatting and not quite making anything… of their own. They just keep copying a form of a copy. …Where are the kids picking up a guitar saying, ‘Hey, I wanna be like Iron Maiden’ or ‘Hey, I wanna be like Metallica’? Instead it’s bands that are putting weird dance music in with heavy music. …For me as a metal fan, I’m missing out and where are the young kids picking up guitars and starting a metal band?

– Trivium’s Matt Heafy on today’s heavy metal

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