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It would be easy to mistake Lucky 13 for that douche-baggy Lucky Brand. Lucky Brand is for queer hipsters and self-conscious metrosexuals.

Lucky 13 is for, well, the cooler segment of the population. I actually saw someone wearing a T-shirt yesterday and I wanted to know more about the brand/company. In all honesty, I thought Lucky 13 was a douchey brand too, and it still might be, but I can’t help but be sold by the company’s pitch/description:

Way back in 1991, Orange County, CA was the backdrop and birthplace of LUCKY-13, created out of the inspiration of its surroundings: suburbanite youth on a mission to rebel. A tattooed counter culture of low-brow art, fast cars, and loud music, LUCKY-13 is a celebration of everything uniquely American. Since 1991, LUCKY-13 has continued to be a leading brand of true street wear, where metal shapers, car painters, body modifiers, and authentic original anti-heroes are our creative kickstarters. True to its vision, LUCKY-13 doesn’t care what’s trending, the next big thing, or what the Joneses are up to, LUCKY-13 continues to create for those who kick against the pricks.

With that said, we went through the company’s extensive online catalog at and picked out a few items for men and women that we like. Hopefully you like them too.

Lucky 13 for Men

Last Match Racer SS – Tee

racer teeThis T-shirt at once celebrates our love for speed and vintage. It’s 100% cotton, prewashed, pre-shrunk, and ready to wear. Lucky 13 says that it has a smaller vintage cut — you know, before our nation’s obesity epidemic, before low fat, no sugar added, gluten free, and the like dominated our stores. If you can squeeze into this made-in-the-USA tee, it’s currently on sale, but note that the neck print will show through slightly on the back.

Order it for $20

Mummy Wrap Tee

MUMMY WRAP MENS TEEThe next Lucky 13 product celebrates our love of motorcycles and movie monsters — it doesn’t get much more American than that. Well, it does, but you get the point that I’m trying to make.

Available in black or charcoal colors, this 100% cotton T-shirt proudly sports a motorcycle-riding mummy across the front. And in old-school monster-movie lettering is the phrase “Mummy Wrap Exhaust Wrapping – Don’t Get Burned” above and below the image.

This is an obvious reference to the currently popular trend of wrapping your motorcycle pipes, and you just have to love the classic movie reference.

Order it for $23

Artist Series — Black Bird Workshirt

ARTIST SERIES - BLACK BIRD WORKSHIRTI personally love the workshirt. Unfortunately, the place I usually go to that has designs that I like and are suitable for my needs wants to rape me with its $75-plus price tags. So it comes as a great relief to find that Lucky 13 has workshirts with wicked designs at reasonable prices, like this Black Bird Workshirt.

The design on this cotton/polyester blend workshirt was created by Marco Almera for Lucky 13’s Artist Series. One look at the design, and you’ll see the unmistakable Man in Black (i.e., Johnny Cash) in a very posthumous state. You just gotta love the attitude portrayed here. This workshirt is only available in black.

Order it for $45

Fisticuffs Plaid Shirt

FISTICUFFS PLAID SHIRTYellers know we love fighting, specifically MMA. OK, so this Lucky 13 Fisticuffs Plaid Shirt features two old-timey boxers going at it on the back, and that’s not exactly MMA, but so what — it’s still a damn blood sport. Besides, there’s a great American romantic tradition associated with boxing, even if it is more corrupt than Washington.

You’ll “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” in this Lucky 13 red plaid button down.

Order it for $44

Garage Built Workshirt

GARAGE BUILT WORKSHIRTFalling out of the Lucky 13 brand for a moment to visit some Felon Clothing (no conjugal visits either) and another workshirt. Like Lucky 13, Felon serves up American hot rod clothing for the pinup, rockabilly, psychobilly, rock ‘n’ roll, and punk rock guys and gals.

The back of this cotton/polyester blend workshirt features a custom built motorcycle. You just have to love the good ol’ American tradition of Do It Yourself as it’s emblazoned in print on the back, “Fuck The Factories.” You know, if you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Order it for $45

Check out the Lucky 13 choices we made after the jump…

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