2013 Montreal Comiccon – Day 3 Highlights

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2013 Montreal Comiccon

Well, the 2013 edition of the Montreal Comiccon came to an abrupt close yesterday. And it was literally abrupt — show runners shut down the lights and basically gave vendors a time limit to get out. All was good though, as we were still able to make some last-minute purchases. I personally bought Kill Shakespeare and King Hazard bought Heroes of the North.

There were fewer people at the Con on Sunday (Day 3) than there were on Saturday, but it was still a packed affair until around dinner time. We took a lot of great pictures, so check out our gallery, and if you were there, maybe you’ll spot your beautiful self.

Day 3 – 2013 Montreal Comiccon Highlights

Among the highlights of the final day were our meeting and interview with horror legend, Michael Berryman. The man is truly a class act, even asking us if he was permitted to say “crap” on camera. Honest and forthright, I think we’re safe in saying that we’d love to sit down with him again for a longer interview.

We also talked to Fabrice Condominas, one of the producers of “Mass Effect 4” at the BioWare booth. We started out asking if he’d be willing to go on camera for an interview about the upcoming title — he politely declined. However, he was more than willing to talk to us about what he could off camera. Trust us when we say that we still tried to pump him for information about Mass Effect 4. All we could really get out of him was a very vague non-committal indication that there might be something for fans to see in six months. However, he offered the caveat that nothing with regard to the game is even close to being completed so there are no promises about anything — in other words, don’t expect anything at the six month mark.

King Hazard also to an active interest in the upcoming webseries, Projet-M: Cet Automne, coming out of Quebec. However, his interest was rooted more in the design and production of the science fiction world that was created. Part of their booth featured a display called the “Delta Project,” which was a portion of the set. The other aspect of their booth was a computer demonstration of how they created the environment. Pretty cool stuff, actually. Projet-M will be available for viewing December 2013.

A Triumphant Con

When all was said and done, the 2013 Montreal Comiccon was a huge success. There were tons of vendors, artists, celebrities, and over 100 activities that included celebrity Q&As, panels, workshops, autograph sessions, photo ops, concerts, a video game zone (sponsored by Microplay), the Masquerade, celebrity “Meet & Greets,” film screenings, and more. However, none of that compares to the masses of fans that flocked to to the Con; there were over 42,000 visitors, which is 10,000 more fans than in 2012.

And finally, we’d like to thank Agence Pink for their efforts and great media accommodations.

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