2013 Montreal Comiccon: Dos And Don’ts – Part II

Hopefully you checked out our Dos of the 2013 Montreal Comiccon and are now ready for the Don’ts. If you didn’t read the first installment, we’ve decided to separate the Dos and Don’ts into two articles. There are obvious don’ts to the dos of the first article, and we’ve avoided including those herein.

Don’ts of the 2013 Montreal Comiccon

No.5 Don’t Wear Store-Bought Cosplay

2013 Montreal Comiccon

Granted, the most important thing about cosplaying is showing your love for a series or character, but the pride of cosplaying comes from crafting your costume yourself, doesn’t it? Of course we understand that not everyone has the time or the skill to make their own, but at the same time we feel that you can make it happen if you plan well enough in advance and enlist the help of some friends. If you must go the store-bought route, maybe try something other than a favorite superhero.

No.4 Don’t Wear Ill-Fitting Cosplay

2013 Montreal Comiccon

If you’re cosplaying a superhero who wears tights, like Spider-Man, then make sure your costume is tight, not baggy. At the same time make sure you can pull off the tight costume — we don’t want to see your muffin top, pot-belly, or any other distracting aspects. Also, if you’re female… so I don’t come off too mean, just make sure you fit into your costume. Not to backtrack, but have absolute fun with your costume.

No.3 Don’t Barter Too Low

2013 Montreal Comiccon

You can barter for a better price with the dealers, but don’t insult them by going too low. If you want the item in question, you want it; if you can afford it, get it; if you can’t, don’t even start talking about price.

No.2 Don’t Stalk and Creep


It’s one thing to be a fan and to wait in line to meet your object of adoration. It’s completely different to lurk and leer at them all day. If you do that, I hope security gets called on your ass. Also, celebrity or not, make eye contact when you do meet them; avoid the magnetism of cleavage. On the other hand, feel free to gape at a superhero with a leotard snake.

No.1 Don’t Be a Dick

2013 Montreal Comiccon

Keep negative comments to yourself. Don’t slam someone’s cosplay or purchase or whatever they’re excited about. It’s their deal, not yours. Also, watch your tongue and your behavior in general, there are kids at Comiccon and why would you want to ruin their experience by being a dick?

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